Peugeot Motorcycles predstavlja svoju 3. generaciju skutera na struju: Peugeot 2.0

Resulting from 20 years of experience in electrical mobility, Peugeot 2.0 is today the most advanced electric scooter on the market, with its removable battery, robustness and connectivity. It is attractive for consumers, ideal for professionals, and the worthy heir of the American “pick-up” spirit with its large loading capacity. “E-powered” by GenZe, Peugeot 2.0 embodies a legacy, and above all, the future, combining state-of-the-art technologies developed in the very heart of Silicon Valley. 

atPeugeot 2.0 is the first vehicle to integrate clean technologies, such as its 3G SIM card provided by AT&T, the American operator present in 200 countries. 


PEUGEOT 2.0 - First sharing application in Antwerp 

Since August 25th, Peugeot 2.0 electric scooters are available in the streets of Antwerp via the Poppy app. The principle is identical to that of shared cars: Peugeot 2.0 electric scooters operate on a “free floating” basis. As a result, shared scooters are not limited to fixed parking locations, and users can park their scooters at any time for free in the Poppy “homezone”.

PEUGEOT 2.0 - Features 


Peugeot 2.0 operates to the rhythm of its driver, and  includes  a  touch  screen  and  a 3G  card.  No additional accessories are required; even having a phone at hand is not required to manage the connection  (no  bluetooth  connection).  This vehicle  is  connected  to  a  cloud  solution,  to manage  the  vehicle's  data  in  real  time, immobilize  and  geolocate  the  vehicle. Everything  is  available  via  an  online  portal  for professionals  or  a  smartphone  application  for consumers,  for  a  quick  start  and  access anywhere.


With  a  2  kWh  removable  Lithium-ion  battery (with  integrated  charger),  Peugeot  2.0 embodies  real  performance.  With  a  maximum power  level  of  3.2  kW,  this  engine  offers excellent performance for accelerations and hill- start  assistance  similar  to  those  of  a  50  cc  2- strokes  engine.  Three  different  driving  modes offer drivers a choice that best suits their driving style. Peugeot 2.0 accelerates from 0 to 30 mph in about 10 seconds. 

Convenience and security

Handling and customizable storage. With its 16- inch front wheel, large load capacity and center stand,  Peugeot  2.0  is  light  and  easy to  handle. Six  attachment  points  on  the  rear  trunk  can easily  adapt  the  scooter  to  many  loading formats. Front  and  rear  hydraulic  disc  braking  system: Powerful, progressive and easily controllable for improved safety.

Ideal for professional fleets. Its robust design, large loading capacity (up to 90 liters in Cargo version) and  connected  functions  will  satisfy  different  types  of  professionals. From  food  to  express  parcel delivery, or even after-sales service, it will also satisfy service companies, scooter rental companies, even municipalities and restaurants, and deliverymen.

E-Ludix: The iconic city scooter goes electric

With the promise of launching a new electric model every year, Peugeot Motocycles announces the Ludix model in electric version   

With more than 250,000 scooters produced in 15 years, Ludix is a bestseller whose reliability and wide range have contributed to its reputation.   

It is a best-selling product in the 50 cc range that has existed in a multitude of versions. 

Building on this success and flexibility, Ludix is now evolving towards a brand new electric version, demonstrating once again the appetite of Peugeot Motocycles for the design of vehicles centered on new mobility. With E-Ludix, the brand expands its 3rd generation electrical offering to 2 vehicles in 2 years. 

Introduced  during  the  Mondial  de  Paris  Show,  E-Ludix  fits  in  the  category  of  license-free  50  cc equivalent scooters, accessible from age 14 and up. As the regulation requires, the top speed is limited to 30 mph. 

Very  light  at  only  187  lbs,  including  20  lbs  of  battery  on  the  center  stand,  the  scooter  is  very  well motorized with the latest generation Bosch central engine produced in Europe. With its remarkable vibrancy and compactness, this two-seater scooter with a continuous power of 3 kW (4 hp) will seduce a young and urban clientele.   

Concerned with the quality of its batteries, Peugeot Motocycles equips E-Ludix with a Lithium-ion battery supplied by Bosch. Like Peugeot 2.0, it is removable to allow indoor charging (and is easily transportable, weighing only 20 lbs). It offers a range of up to 31 miles, and include a braking energy recovery system. Charging takes about 3 hours using an external charger.   


Availability: Q3 2019

World premiere: Presentation of the Peugeot E-Metropolis concept

Peugeot  Motocycles  introduces  the  world's first  electric  version  of  its  3-wheel  Peugeot  Metropolis maxi scooter. The E-Metropolis concept features high level performances intended to make it the new reference in major European cities, where it already had the opportunity to shine. Indeed, just a few days  ago  on  Sunday, September  30,  E-Metropolis  proudly  paraded during  the Mondial  de  la  Moto Show  for  the  120  years  anniversary  celebration  of  both  the  show  and  Peugeot  Motocycles.  What better  symbol  for the  brand  than  to  pay tribute  to  its  fans  and  its  history  by unveiling  its  vision  of future urban mobility as a world premiere! 

Leading features and performance making the electric 3-wheel E-Metropolis concept the market reference:

The electric motor installed on the chassis delivers 36 kW of maximum power to the rear wheel using a timing belt. The maximum speed announced is 85 mph, with a range of up to 125 miles. E-Metropolis offers  the  best  features  in  its  segment.  A  3  kW  on-board  charger  is  installed  behind  a  trapdoor between the front lights. A type 2 plug provides 80% charging capacity in less than 4 hours. 

Finally, E-Metropolis adopts a new rear suspension with central Öhlins mono-shock. Like Peugeot Metropolis, this concept falls into the category of 3-wheel scooters accessible with a driving license for cars. 

E-Metropolis provides an exceptional driving experience. With its electric engine, the weight of the vehicle  is  therefore  lighter  and  seemingly  suspended,  which  gives  the  driver  a feeling  of  driving  in levitation. 

Driving enjoyment, safety and performance, are the main assets of the future E-Metropolis, the new flagship of the Metropolis range.


EU – LIVE, a vision of the urban mobility of the future

Peugeot  Motocycles  has  been  committed  to  advancing  mobility  for  120  years.  This  is  why  the company's R&D department, in collaboration with 11 partners, joined a European consortium to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

EU-LIVE  (Efficient  Urban  LIght  VEhicle)  challenges  itself  to  develop  and  design  new  electrified mobility solutions, supported by the European Commission as part of the “Horizon 2020” research and innovation program.   

In this context, Peugeot Motocycles wanted to pay tribute to this project by including on its booth at Mondial de la Moto Show the L5e category vehicle presented on November 30, 2017 by the EU-LIVE consortium, and reaffirm its vision for the future. 


The  EU-LIVE  concept  is  a  rechargeable  hybrid  quadricycle  in  the  L5e  light  vehicle  category, positioned  between  2-wheelers  and  4-wheelers,  and  accessible  without  a  motorcycle  license. Intended  for  both  streets  and  motorways,  it  holds  13  patents,  half  of  which  relates  to  the  tilt mechanism  and  roll  management,  based  on  hydraulic  components  and  hydropneumatic suspension. 

EU-LIVE combines a 42hp single-cylinder engine with an electric motor (10.5Kw). The battery of the electric motor can be recharged by recovering energy during braking. In zero emissions mode, the quadricycle can operate at up to 45 mph via two motors located in the rear wheels. Beyond that speed,  the  combustion  engine  takes  over  for  up  to  80  mph.  Its  traction  belt,  designed  in collaboration with IFP Energies Nouvelles, comes directly from the Peugeot 40 cc  PowerMotion engine that equips the Peugeot Metropolis 3-wheeler.

Total autonomy up to 185 miles, including 15 miles in 100% electric mode. The fully enclosed and heated interior accommodates up to two passengers, one sitting behind the other. Passengers can easily exit through swiveling doors allowing perpendicular parking closer to the sidewalk. 

With all these features, EU-LIVE allows Peugeot Motocycles to solve the two major challenges of motorcycles: safety and vulnerability to bad weather.